A project of this category would not be possible without the vision and talent of a multidisciplinary team with a successful track record and proven experience such as that of Grupo Luximia, responsible for creating the

most risky and innovative projects in Cancun that have changed the face of this magnificent port, placing the world's interest not only in the natural beauty of Cancun, but in its emerging world-class real estate sector.

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Grupo Luximia has stood out as a real estate authority within the area since 2011 with projects that go beyond conventional proposals. Our projects are a reflection of how we believe the world could be better. Luximia challenges these concepts and redefines modern architecture for future generations. In addition, we get involved and create projects that generate value for the environment, such as the protection of the endangered species shark.



Iconic development of Puerto Cancún in a 20-story tower with 134 apartments each with a unique and exclusive design along with 6 mansions with underwater parking in a sustainable environment. This beauty not only has a majestic pool on the 11th floor and its own marina, but also a laboratory to study sharks and help protect them.

The development that started it all. A residential complex of 4 luxury towers each with 20 levels and 59 elegant apartments, all with ocean views and surrounded by endless amenities such as sauna, gym, business center, swimming track, kids club, tennis and paddle court and much more.

Land with 19 lots of mixed use that combines residential, commercial and entertainment uses with pedestrian connections. A unique concept that can not be replicated within Puerto Cancun.

Exquisite residences inspired by the highest luxury of Japanese resorts, right next to Shark Tower, with unique features such as underwater parking unmatched in the area.

For us, connection is the ultimate luxury. Our developments are designed to connect with nature, with those you love, with yourself and most importantly, to give back to the planet. This is why we believe in using current parts to build something better. The way we do it is through developments that allow us to protect endangered species.

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